Wherefore art thou winter boots?

Crispy cold mornings and darkened morning skies; Muted morning birds and chimneys streaming smoke into the morning and evening air; additional heaters in every store; the strong herb smell of hearty soups and fewer people in and around the gym as the annual work out hiatus begins. A sure sign that winter is indeed making its presence known.
I don’t like the cold but I do love winter fashion. I love the coats, scarves, gloves, hats and my personal favourite, boots. I love boots but unfortunately my quest for the perfect fitting boot constantly fails to yield results. Every winter I hope that I will find these elusive boots but alas every winter I fail. The scene usually goes like this:

I walk into the shoe shop and smile as the intoxicating smell of leather and newness drifts past me. All along the walls of the shop and all around the display tables are boots. Long, elegant, earth toned, pristine boots. I take a moment to browse around before locating my “perfect” pair. I happily turn to the shop assistant and ask for my size. She grudgingly nods her head and disappears into the back room emerging with a long, narrow box.
I slip my foot into the boot, gingerly zip it up and then, my hopes are shattered as I stare at my leg awkwardly sticking out of the boot like a long spoon stirring a large mug of hot coffee. Every time I have the same problem…Small and skinny calves.
“Excuse me, miss. Do you have any boots that are smaller around the calf area?”
“No” she responds in her monotonous voice. “Maybe you should try a smaller size.”
“Nah, the problem is not the shoe size. My foot is very comfortable it’s just that my calf is so thin.”
“It doesn’t look that bad. Just wear it like that,” she responds with a fake smile.
I stare at the gaping canyons surrounding my leg and take a step forward. I can almost hear the swishing sound of my leg stirring, stirring, stirring the coffee mug.
I then hopefully ask: “Do you know of a place I can get smaller boots or make adjustments.”
Blank stare.
Sigh, I won’t be getting any help here. I sigh again as once again my efforts have been in vain. I take the boot off and leave. May be next time will be different.
Yep, happens every time.
I can just imagine the conversation as I leave the store. Shrieks of laughter from the now suddenly animated shop assistant. “Did you hear her?” “My calves are just too thin” Hahahahahahaha…..
She calls the other assistants and continues in a mocking voice: “Oh, just look at my small legs” “If only the boots could fit my thin legs” “What a problem, to have- I wish I had her problems”
Oh wait, wait: “Can you make adjustments?”
“Skinny cow!”
No sympathy from the shop assistant at all. In fact, I struggle to find a kind word anywhere. This is my problem. Yes, it’s a major problem. I too want to be amongst the fashionable, strutting my stuff in my fabulous coat and putting my best foot forward in killer hot boots.
Come now people, be generous. Be a lover…not a hater. Make the circle bigger. Share the love, let’s all be fabulous together this winter.
Pray do tell, where can a girl find a pair of HOT, fitting, winter boots? 

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