It’s written in the cards

I ended my birthday celebrations with a thoroughly entertaining show at Madame Zingara. Fitting in with the fun of the day, I had a tarot card reading.
I was greeted me with a friendly smile, a comfy chair and tea candles. The lady then handed me the cards and said: “please shuffle these cards”. So I shuffle, shuffle and shuffle again.
Need to get this right.
As instructed, I pick 3 cards and hand these over. One of the cards is entitled past lives. I’m told me that this card refers to any karmic experiences that I have or am in the process of enduring. These lessons will help me achieve my goals.
Great, Interesting.
The problem: I thought she said comic experiences’.

So when she asked: “Have you gone through any comic experiences recently?” she asked.
I replied: “Yes” (In fact I’m thinking I might be having one right now).
“How do you deal with these experiences?”
“Well, I usually just laugh.”
“You laugh?” she asked.
“Yes, I just laugh and laugh” I say, laughing and smiling.
“Oh that’s great. So your comic experiences are positive”
“Yes, yes, very good. Laughter is a good way to deal with comic experiences.”
She then pauses and looks at me with a somewhat perplexed expression and says: “Comic”.
“Yes,” I reply, nodding understandingly, “comic”.
Staring intently at me, she leans closer and slowly repeats: “cor-mic”, drawing out each syllable.
I nod again wondering :
a) why is she repeating this word and
b) why is she doing so slowly?
Is this part of the reading? Maybe, it’s some vibe that I’m not picking up on? She looks confused, I’m thinking, no one is as confused as I am lady!
So equally perplexed (and not knowing why), I lean forward and repeat in the same slow manner: “cor-mic”.
“Nooo!” she almost shrieks, “KAR-MIC… you know from the word karma?”
 “Ahhhh…” This conversation just suddenly started to make more sense, “Karmic”.
“You do know about karma right?”
“Oh yes, yes. I know, I know. Hee hee hee. It’s… er…very…. energetic”.
(What am I doing again?)
The remaining reading went by smoothly I suppose. I intriguingly picked cards that were about creativity, quests for the truth. Some of it was insightful and worthy of some great debate. But no lies, a lot of it was also very woo-woo – strange, with many a raised eye here and there. In general it was loads of fun and the lady was very sweet.
The final card was from an angel pack. The archangel, whose name I can’t remember, will guide me in my quest to find a soul mate. (Caveat, I may have already met said soul mate but the timing must be right). Um, that’s right, cover all your bases. I secretly commend this strategy.
So if you see me walking with a huge dude hovering over my shoulder. Don’t be alarmed; that’s just me and ARCH. We be looking for my man!
Have you seen him?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Michelle says:

    I wish I'd been there to shake my head and laugh.


  2. Gugu says:

    No wonder you took so long… Hahahahaha…


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