“it’s not how you fall but how you get up”

Wise people say: “it’s not how you fall but how you get up”. If you too are on this journey called life. You’ll know that this is very true. You’ll have no doubt experienced disappointment, loss and heartache. Following which, true to the phrase above you’ll have experienced: delight, success and joy. In its figurative sense, this phrase proves true each time.  It is also most true in its literal sense… as I discovered yesterday…
I have a beige coat with an extraordinarily large hood from Zara. This coat is my favourite coat. When I wear this coat, the words: ‘fabulous’, ‘gorgeous’ and, ‘rocking’, among other equally descriptive words, comes to mind. The only problem with this coat is that it can be somewhat complicated to button up, especially if you do so while you are walking. Yet another thing I discovered yesterday…

I hate being cooped up in the office so I often take a walk around the block. It’s a cold but sunny day.
The road is my ramp as I saunter down the road.  
Suddenly, a harsh brush of wind sweeps across my face and body.
I try to button up my coat but I can’t quite find the corresponding slots and the hood is thwarting my efforts.
A group of people call out to me… I ignore them.
I’ve been stopping to speak to people all day and at the moment I’m just too preoccupied to stop.
If I had stopped, I would have probably heard them say “Hey sisi, mind the pole!”
I didn’t stop.
Well, not until a few steps later. Not until, a tall, misplaced pole halted my fabulous strut down my ramp. The words: “ouch” and “****” came to mind but I said neither. Instead, I recovered.
I smiled, Flung my massive hood back, twirled around the pole and posed, to laughter from onlookers and thunderous applause from the people of my mind. They rock up there.
Yes. Indeed. You’ll trip and fall in life but it’s oh so true:
“it’s not how you fall but how you get up”.

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