Be your own accessory!

When I had long hair, my biggest problem was finding a hair band to tie it up. Every morning, I would search through my room for a hair band. I would spend a good fifteen minutes each time I had to go out. I would look absolutely EVERYWHERE! Exasperated, I would finally take a moment, sit on the edge of my bed and painstakingly retrace my steps from the previous night. Some days, this wouldn’t work and other days I’d get a lucky break as I headed out the door.
These days, I wear my hair short. Way too short to tie up. You’d think, as I did, that I would be freed from the hair band madness. But, no, it continues to hover around…mocking me. As, I am now flooded with hair bands. Every single corner has a hair band; every drawer; every shelf; every sleeve in my hand bag; every room, even the car.
My question: “How did they get there?!” “Where have they been?”
The answer is possibly (but I must declare highly improbably) me.
Seeing as the culprit won’t make him or herself known, I must go with the dreaded third force. Yep, creeping around like a hungry leopard in the wild; slick and agile, striking without a sound. Surreptitiously placing the hair bands where they need not be, on days when I need them, and where they need be when on days when I don’t.
I even bought a small, wire basket with the intention of storing the hair bands until my hair grows long enough to tie up. However, I am somewhat reluctant to put all the hair bands that I find here. Something about, not storing all your eggs in one basket? In any event, I’m quite certain that should I place these bands in one place, they just won’t be there when my hair needs them.
So, since it looks like my strategy of planning ahead is being thwarted by the unknown participants of this “third force”.  I guess I’ll just have to take life and its madness as and when it comes. After all, just like a pair of silver heels… you’ll never find them when you are looking for them.
The next time I plagued I’m by the presence (or lack thereof) of hair bands. I will not lose my mind, third force or not. Variety is the spice of life, each day is an opportunity to change it up!
Be your own accessory!

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