Days Gone By

Gone are the days when shepherds were free to graze their livestock on the plentiful plains and valleys near their homes.
Gone are the days when horses could trot along make-shift pathways and stop to nibble on the juicy, green grass along the way.
Gone are the days when animals could haphazardly stop at fresh water springs to quench their longing thirst.

The plains are now populated with brick houses, the pathways are covered with tar and the springs run underground through intricate pipe mazes. Society has changed. Technology has progressed far beyond our wildest (well, depending on wild your imagination is) expectations.
However, I still find myself in contradicting scenarios. One moment sipping cocktails in the north; the next I’m stuck behind a horse and cart at a stop sign waiting for said horse to finish relieving itself while its owner picks his teeth with a dry twig. Part of me applauds the man on the cart for trying to make a living transporting scrap metal (legally procured I’m sure). The other part of me is wondering what the horse is doing on the main road and why it’s owner has stopped to poop it here.
I know those days are gone. I’m pretty sure the shepherds know those days are gone. Anybody who has manoeuvred their way around a certain stadium, narrowly avoiding very, very skinny cows as they dart across the road, knows those days are gone. All the neighbours whose flowers have been nibbled on know that those days are well and truly gone. If you’ve had the frightful experience of almost running over an erratic horse as you turn into a corner, then you know… those days are gone.
My question: “Who will tell the animals?”
I suspect they already know the truth but are not really fazed. They continue to poop where they will and drink stagnant water as if were from a fresh spring. This is either indicative of a fantastic, care-free attitude to life or serious denial of what you know in your gut. Sound familiar? I guess we’re all cut from the same cloth after all.
Gone are the simple days; replaced with a little contradiction. So, I see you Mr horse-cart man. You don’t need my permission to feel free to travel along the main road, and watch your erratic horse eat all the spring flowers. Nonetheless, I accept you presence on the main road. In return kind sir…
 Scoop your horses’ poop…cos it’s a mess out here!

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