Mr Ice Cream Man

As I prepare to have my supper after a long day, I hear the faint sound of music approaching the house. It’s a rather high pitched sound and at first I think it’s my annoying neighbour. However, as the sound draws near, I’m certain (from the genre) that it’s not him (well…not today). The sound slowly gets louder and nearer. I suddenly recognise this familiar high pitched melody.
It’s the ice cream man.
I look over at my clock, it’s almost 7pm.

There’s an ice cream man who drives around my neighbourhood in a traditional white van with a picture of a soft serve ice cream cone on the side and sweet, high-pitched tunes blaring out the loud speaker on the roof. All this is not peculiar of course, since there are a lot of children who live and play in the neighbourhood. So, yes; an ice-cream truck in a residential area is not out of place. However, the ice-cream man doesn’t usually come around until 6pm. Now I enjoy ice cream as much as the next girl. But even I must question the legitimacy of an ice cream man who comes around…after dark.
So my question:
What is an ice-cream truck doing driving around the neighbourhood trying to sell ice-cream to children at night for?
So, let’s think of some things that happen around that time
  • Children head indoors 
  • Parents return home 
  •  Families eat supper 
  • Oh and yes, it gets DARK
Who buys this ice cream? Who leaves their home in their pyjamas or apron, unlocks the gate in the dark and buys soft serve ice cream?
Let’s be generous.
Maybe he has a day job and this is the way he earns extra income to feed his kids
Maybe this is just a hobby
Yep … Maybe
Dear Mr ice cream man
Today was the hottest October day on record.
Where were you Mr Ice cream man?
I was home all day and not once did I hear your truck.
I see it’s now evening and without fail, there is the sound your truck crooning its song.
I want to give you the benefit of the doubt Mr ice cream man.
I’m sure you’re not luring little children out in the dark and I’m sure you really are selling ice cream. I’m sure its only ice cream.
But seriously, Mr Ice cream man, the fact is I don’t believe you.
Go home,
It’s late now!

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