The little joys of travelling in your own country

The perfect ending to a perfect day.
The perfect ending to a perfect day.

I love travelling to different places, experiencing cultures different from my own and introducing my palate to intriguing flavours (some to be repeated and others forgotten). It’s easy to take for granted that you actually live in a beautiful, diverse country with incredible scenery, tasty food and good people. All the ingredients for a fabulous holiday. Travelling in your own country is fun and relaxing. Here’s why:

1. The language barrier is kept to a minimum

“What is this?” “Where is the nearest train station?” Have you ever asked this question abroad and desperately wished it would get you the answer you need? Or like me, are these questions usually the beginning of a tour by error? As fascinating as the side trips are, when you need to catch your plane they can me costly. A simple yes and the correct direction will do very nicely.

2. You know the food

You’re hot and tired from your days escapades. You’re tummy is grumbling as you get ready for dinner. You head to the local restaurant with great decor, fabulous colours and interesting aromas. You take pictures and sip your drink while you wait for your meal. The ‘Special of the Day?’ Experiment. Part of travelling is tasting new and interesting food but when you are not up for ‘interesting’ and are in desperate need of ‘ordinary.’ It’s comforting to know that this option is available to you.

3. Home is nearby

This is particularly true when travelling in your own city. While it’s great to make an adventure of all situations when you are travelling far from home. It’s even better to know that when the rats are many or your stomach is unsettled – home is a stone throw away.

4. It’s humbling

We love to say we’re going on holiday abroad. It almost feels like that’s what it means to go somewhere. Travelling in your own country will really expose you to the adventure, beauty and excitement that others travel thousands of kilometres to experience. If you live in a tourist hub, like I do, you’ll be really surprised by what your neighbours are doing for tourism.

5. You save time and money

The best part is saving time. You’ll get there sooner, which means you’ll start your holiday sooner. Instead of wasting your precious leave days trying to actually get to the destination, you’ll spend them lying on the beach, exploring the mountains or taking in breathtaking views of South Africa’s nature and wildlife.

Next time you begin planning your holiday, why not start right here at home?

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  1. I totally agree. Be a local tourist as well as an international traveler. Lots to explore in RSA!


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