Hiking in the city

I don’t often think about hiking when I’m home. Although I enjoy hiking, it’s something that usually comes to mind when I’m away on holiday. And to be honest, it’s been a while since I’ve hiked and due to my fitness levels it feel more like a chore than a leisure activity these days. Nonetheless, when a friend suggested hiking along the Hennops River I put on my walking shoes (and thankfully for me the walk was not too strenuous).

The Hennops Hiking Trail is about 40 minutes outside of Johannesburg en route to Hartebseespoort. There’s a choice of 3 trails.We opted for the Krokodilberg route which is about 11km, described as average to difficult and with some small game viewing along the way. I don’t know though, I’m pretty sure I only saw cows. I didn’t really know what to expect which I find makes everything you experience appears more exciting – like the cows.

The trail travels along the river for a bit, and then turns away from it as you climb up the steep valley. The views were unexpected with the Pelindaba nuclear plant visible in the middle of the hills. On the one hand this seemed rather contradictory, while on the other strangely picturesque and was one of my favourite views (but perhaps that’s the jozi in me). It a nice way to spend the morning, with a little picnic sarmie break along the way and a fun ending on a little cable car to get you across the bustling river. A ride that momentarily sends you back to thrilling child-like moments when excitement was easy to come by.









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