Road Tripping with Travel Massive!

Last month, I was out on the road exploring more of South Africa. This time on the Travel Massive Road Trip powered by Ford South Africa with 9 influencers who also love travel in South Africa as much as I do. It was actually a bit daunting for me because as some of you know, I’m not generally listed under the “people person” category but this year I promised myself I would step outside myself more and so, I just jumped into the fire.

Road trips are always loads of fun and (s it turns out) even better when you don’t need to justify random stops, explorations for interesting sights or bush pee breaks. Our route took us from Constitutional Hill to Durban up the KZN Northern Coast, through Mpumalanga and back to Jozi.

Ford Con Hill
Packing our gear on a very early morning at Constitutional Hill. Photo by fellow traveler Chantelle – Kzara Visual Concepts


As with any road trip we got lost, ate way too much, lost clothes and had side splitting bouts of laughter. There was also those seemingly arbitrary incidences and insights that occur that will find you looking back with a chuckle, high five and “remember the time when I…”

…made a fire

I have sat around many a fire and know all the general components of making a fire. Alas, I have not actually made one myself before, there’s always someone who wants to enthusiastically light it and I’m happy to allow people to play to their strengths (no, I’m not sorry). However, when my roomie Lerato and I  were faced with a beautiful fireplace on a chilly night, we were well up to the task and certainly did not go cold.


Our beyond AWESOME fire!


Some have looked at this fire and queried its authenticity with the phrase “looks like it could be any fire” thrown around. Shock, horror people…all fires look the same. Let’s just high five and keep it moving.

…said cheers with a beer and meant it
I’m not really a beer drinker but I do like craft beer festivals (well, I’m mostly there for gourmet food). From the three beer tastings and two brewery tours, I’ve obviously underestimated the gravitas of craft beer and have had to concede that it doesn’t all taste the same. Won’t be a connoisseur anytime soon but it was good.

Mango Ale at Notties
Tasting the limited edition Mango Ale at Nottingham Road Brewery


…I was surprised by a cow
The running joke in my circle of travel buddies is always that of the rogue cows on their own mission, usually in the middle of the road (yes guy who owns those cows off the Soweto Highway – I’m looking at you). So I was pleasantly surprised, in the very idyllic community of Kaapsche Hoop,  to come across a cow in a pretty place without drama or incidence.

Kaaapsche Hook Cow
Leisure time in Kaapsche Hoop


…learned to play table tennis

Does it still count if you hit the ball and it flies across the room and lands in the pocket of a pool table? Like a hole in one…except it’s table tennis… and snooker? I’m just gonna take the win and say “I learned how to play table tennis!” Sure, there’s room for improvement but there always is.

It was also the first time I took my new camera out on the road. I’ve had it for a couple of months now and needless to say learning to use it has been an absolute overload of information. Sometimes by the end of the day, I just take a pic thinking “let’s hope this one works!” So over the next few posts you can see my efforts *blush* and adventures.




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