Things to do in the Drakensberg on a rainy day

The Drakensberg is a phenomenal destination for outdoor activities. It has great hiking trails, zip lining, swimming and waterfalls. But what happens when it’s rainy, misty or cloudy? Which was the case for two of days we were on holiday. You can’t stay inside all day because that would be a real waste. You could snuggle up by the fire with a good book but let’s be honest, you could have done that at home. Thankfully, although its chilly, there are loads of activities to keep you entertained while waiting for the sun to make an appearance.


We came all this way, so come rain or shine, the adventures continue!

Take a Drive

On the morning of our big hike, we woke up bright and early to rain and were pretty bummed but seeing as it wasn’t torrential rain, we book a drive out to Monks Cowl Nature reserve to see if the hike was still doable. It was not. However, we discovered on that morning drive that there’s beauty in viewing the mountains in their covered state. The haziness in the air while watching the clouds hovering over the scenery, the sudden bursts of light when the sun manages to pierce through the heavy clouds and the glistening post rain effects on the surrounding environment is an amazing to watch.

Hiding Spiders


Warm up with hot soup

We stopped for lunch at Lihong’s Chinese restaurant for to warm up for their spicy soup which really warmed us up and their delicious lunch. The restaurant is a small restaurant with really fun decor, funky, humorous and attentive service. As per their sign at the gate they have “Free WiFI, so you don’t have to talk to each other.” And although I’m here to enjoy the company, I don’t know why I must feel bad for multi tasking.


Coffee and Chocolate Tasting

We found the Chocolate bar at the Village Centre. They make artisian chocolate with a variety of flavours (we left with about 10 different bars). While there we ordered their Coffee & Chocolate tasting. this included syphon brewed Ethiopian coffee with truffles, Turkish delights and chilli essence. The essence is really chilli that’s for sure but all the flavours went well together. It’s taste explosion and a warmer at the same time.

Coffee & Chocolate tasting – syphon brewed Coffee with Truffles and chilli essence



Go for a Walk

When the rain stopped, we headed back up the way to the reserve and did a short circular walk to the Sterkfontein falls. It was chilly and overcast but the fresh air was welcomed and the views beautiful.

Hazy views of the mountains, still a beauty.


Have a Spa Day

Yes, a spa day…because ‘why not?’ It’s relaxing, indoors and overlooks the lovely gardens at the Drakensberg Sun. Granted you really don’t need it to be overcast for a spa day because ‘hello? You’re on holiday’.




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