A Day Trip to Kalk Bay

Kalk bay is a suburban fishing village along the coast of the False bay in the Western Cape. It’s a trip we often make when we feel like a change of scenery and tasty lunch of the freshest fish on the coast. Despite its eclectic vibe, there are so many different things to do in Kalk Bay that everyone can find an activity to enjoy. A trip here probably warrants a whole weekend if you have one to spare.

Kalk Bay Harbour over looking a colourful town

Our first stop is always the Kalk Bay harbour, fishermen line the harbour with their catch of the day, which we often buy to cook over the fire later. Once that’s safely away in our ice box, we get to exploring. Obviously the earlier you head in the better the catch but never quite make it there before almost brunch. We keep threatening to go there for breakfast but that doesn’t work out, so a weekend staycation might actually be the only way we’ll make it to Kalk Bay breakfast.

What’s for dinner? Getting ready to pick a fish for the fire later.

Here you will also find seals, looking out for scraps that make their way to the sea. I suppose, it’s a strategic spot for the seals. They hobble along here looking slothful and full (can you guess how much I like seals?). There are many signs asking you not to feed the wildlife but clearly, someone is feeding these guys. Still, you can’t knock their hustle.

Seals at the harbour. Performing? Non-nonchalant or hungry? No, definitely not hungry!

As you walk along to the lighthouse, you can take in the beautiful views of the sea and mountains. Watch the boats bursting in colours with the mountain and houses in the background. Take a few shots by the light house or just sit on the makeshift benches and savour the afternoon. As for lunch, I can definitely vouch for Live Bait, Harbour House and of course Kalk Bay’s rite of passage – Kalky’s Fish and Chips.

Kalk Bay Views

As with many small towns and villages, the main road is where many of the good stuff happens. There’s an independent theatre, antique stores, book shops, and restaurants and great coffee spots. There are also many stores that specialise in what my friends and I call “shabby chic” items. These are your more eclectic, treasure troves or as my bestie says, “old shit that will feed your hoarding tendencies”. Clearly I prefer the former description because I’m not a hoarder…more like collector.

The Light House

On our last visit, my friend Racine invited us for a swim at the Darenbrook Tidal pool , which it turns out is a great find for fun in the sun with the whole family. We’ve probably walked past it a few times and never really thought to venture under through the tunnel under the Railway track to see what’s on the other side. When we did it was we discovered a cool spot to cool down after a hot day, or after morning yoga. Yep, it’s that kind of place.

Darenbrook Tidal pool
Darenbrook Tidal pool: It’s still Cape Town, so the water is still nippy but still a great spot to take a dip when the suns up.

So, I’ll be updating this post as we find more great things to do in Kalk Bay when we return for more exploration. Maybe on that weekend away that we keep saying we’ll do. It’s just that there is so much choice and variety in this gorgeous country that you just keep trying new and amazing this all the time.

Gotta love South Africa!

Kalb bay - view
Colourful Kalk Bay

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  1. Craig Lotter says:

    Impossible not to enjoy a visit to Kalk Bay – thanks for the great write-up! 🙂

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