Great Farm stalls for a Road Trip pit stop

Packing a nice lunch with all your favourite tasty goodies for a long road trip is always a great idea. You know what is also a good idea? Stopping at local food stalls along the way. The food is fresh and locally sourced, it feels like part of your destination and you are helping small businesses thrive. Wins all around. Our trips usually start in Cape Town and up the garden route. These are some of the best farm stalls to stop for lunch, coffee or stretching on your road trip. 

Open road – The joys of a road trip.


Peregrine Farm Stall

Peregrine is  one of my favorite farm stall. When we are there it actually feels like it could be our destination as opposed to a stop on the way.  The farm stall has a variety of locally farmed and produced goods. We have in the past found lovely foodie gifts here too. There’s a bakery with freshly baked pies, pastries and breads. We often buy their pies which are packed with the actual filling (not just mystery gelatin and slithers of chicken).

Mobile books store with children’s reading corner inside.

The garden area has a series of pop up shops selling local goods, crafts and fashion. The kiddies are is also fantastic with the usual slides and swings but also a mobile book store with a cool reading area on the truck. A very joyful space for children.


On our last trip though, we couldn’t quite find a nice, light breakfast meal or fruit salad. So we were “forced” to order a chocolate danish and a cinnamon donut for breakfast but hey, we were on holiday.

Where? N2 after Grabouw


Thyme & Again Farmstall

A little further along is Thyme & Again and it’s play on words is really perfect because not only is the food good but we often find ourselves coming back time and again. It is also a firm favourite of many of my traveller friends (even the pickiest one – so I know it’s not just me). It has a lot of fun quirky signs and decor around, which is a nice touch if you’ve had a crazy few hours cooped in the car!

There are many firm favourites to choose from here. They sell home baked pastries and breads, wines and creative gifts. On top of take away food, there is also a cafe where you can sit for a meal. ‘


Homemade, tasty goodies!


Where? On the N2 opposite Keurboom river just outside of Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.


Affie Plaas

Affie Plaas - People
Popular Landmark: Happy Straw family at the entrance of the stall

This quirky straw family at the entrance of the Affie Plaas farm stall is a popular landmark in the area. In front of it is a large perfectly manicured garden, lush and green with seating for patrons of the stall. Buy your goodies and have mini picnic under the trees. My favourite aspect of this shop is that it sells fresh fruit from the are at really great prices. The stall also has many gift ideas and local trinkets that would make fun gifts. 

Affie Plaas - Garden

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  1. 2summers says:

    I stopped at Affie Plaas last year – loved it! Great idea for a post.

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