Chasing Waterfalls in Mpumalanga

A couple of years ago, while paging through a travel magazine I came across a stunning picture of the Lisbon Falls in Mpumalanga and became obsessed with taking a trip up there to see for myself. Each time we’d start planning a trip I’d throw Lisbon Falls in the mix but it never seemed to pan out…until late last year when the coin toss was finally in my favour. I was beyond excited.

The drive to Mpumalanga has a mystical feeling to it and I love driving through there. The roads hug the rolling forest hills, meticulously lined with pine and eucalyptus trees. Each curve on the road reveals another angle of amazing views as you make your way up and down the winding valleys.

Valley View.JPG

The view outside our backpackers

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Photos: Dawson’s Game & Trout Lodge, Mpumalanga Wedding Celebrations

The season of weddings is upon me. It’s that  phase of life when suddenly all your peers are getting engaged and it’s weddings galore. The good thing about my friends is that they love to travel, so they’re either living in interesting places (and fell in love there) or planning a destination wedding.  This usually means one thing: “road trip!”

Earlier this year, it was a weekend wedding getaway to  Dawson’s Game & Trout Lodge in Mpumalanga. About a four-hour drive from Johannesburg, it’s an idyllic, quiet space in what seems like the middle of nowhere. There’s plenty of space for hiking, a spa and of course a well stocked dam for fishing. After spending a whole day just relaxing by the pool  and watching the planner spin her magic, I decided to go for a walk. It was a little muddy and I may have been attacked by some shrubs here and there (not the best idea if you were going for the scratch free leg look at the wedding).

The night was fabulous, the rooms stunning and the friendly staff were fantastic. I would caution against driving there at night though. Unless, driving extremely slowly on freakishly foggy roads are and ghost stories are your thing.

Who knew I’d look be looking forward to the next trip?



Note: The gorgeous rooms are also equipped with a large inviting fireplace. Romantic, winter getaway? Yes, please.