Things to do on the west coast of Cape Town

Since moving down to Cape Town, my explorations have been along the west coast. Just because it’s closer and mostly off one road, the R27. Which is great because I’m not yet up for getting lost in the city. Getting lost is great when you are on holiday or on a road trip but when you have an appointment, it’s not so fascinating. So for now, these are some of my ‘go to’ interesting things to do on the west coast of Cape Town.

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Spring Flower Power: Best places for West Coast Flower Spotting

The days are getting warmer and longer, cocktail hours are springing up again and the flowers are peeking out to prepare their brilliance. I call it ‘faux Spring’ because it’s that time of the year when you start to pack away jerseys, coats and soup recipes. You start getting invited to outside events, hear things like ‘summer body loading,’ and then Nature comes along with one last heavy, cold front and screams, “Lies – I said it’s still winter.” Even so, the Spring flowers defiantly come out. I always try a plan a trip to Cape Town (I live her now, so it’s a no brainer) around this time of the year, so I can take a drive up the West Coast to do some flower spotting.

Flower Route

When I tell people that I am going to see the flowers, people ask “why?” or “what happens there?” I suppose, it’s because the flowers don’t do anything – other than just exist. No one asks this when I go on a game drive, or when it snows in Matroosberg or whale watching in Hermanus. The wild flowers aren’t planted, they just naturally come through year after year. So, if you just like pretty things then take a stop off at these places for some spring flower viewing. Continue reading

Splash of Colour: Spring is in the air

I LOVE flowers.

Whether they’re in the ground, a vase or print. I’m always happy to see and smell flowers.

The first time I took a trip to the West Coast National Park to see the flowers, I was a little skeptical. Mainly because I couldn’t quite conceptualize what that meant. I thought “we’re driving all the way there to see flowers in a field? I mean, I love flowers and all but…really?”

Well, really.

Each Spring, the flowers come out to play in a breathtaking dance with an amazing ocean backdrop. I don’t to jinx it but I do believe Spring is here (well, at least around the corner). Since, I no longer live in the South. I always send someone there on my behalf. Someone who has never been before and each spring I get rave reviews. Last year, a group of my friends did the over night hike Postberg. (Yes, black people hiking and camping *gasp*). It makes me happy to know that fun adventures ensued and of course incredible photos.

This year, I’m adding more people to this list and pounding those who have spent years on this list on the head. I tell them it’s one of those things that you can’t tell someone about. You need to show them. Just believe me.

 Photos by Gugu Mayisela