A Day Trip to Kalk Bay

Kalk bay is a suburban fishing village along the coast of the False bay in the Western Cape. It’s a trip we often make when we feel like a change of scenery and tasty lunch of the freshest fish on the coast. Despite its eclectic vibe, there are so many different things to do in Kalk Bay that everyone can find an activity to enjoy. A trip here probably warrants a whole weekend if you have one to spare.

Kalk Bay Harbour over looking a colourful town

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Tips to surviving your long wait at the airport.


I have so many great experiences traveling through various modes of transport. Trains, planes, the back of van, and long haul buses. While I love the actual travel part, I just can’t bear the waiting to leave part. I think this stems from the hours and hours I had to wait for my sister to finish her multitude of after school sports, so we could just go already! So as you can imagine, hanging around to get on flight at out of Joburg at OR Tambo International airport can be really annoying. These are some of my hacks that I use to keep me sane.

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The Valley of Desolation

The first long distance trip that I remember was when I was eight years old and drove down to Cape Town with my family. We listened to the Quincy Jones album “back to on the block” so much that we knew all the words by the end. We stopped for loads of junk food (and peeing) and it was a long drive. My dad was so over it by the time we arrived in Cape Town, that he flew my brother down to drive us back home.

On the drive back, my mom made my brother stop off in the then Transkei (Eastern Cape) to visit her friend and a national park. It was great. That’s because mom knew how to road trip. You need music, a good temperament, food and stops. Stops maketh the road trip!



Bird Watching - Camdeboo park

Camdeboo National Park game viewing and bird watching.

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Things to do in the Drakensberg on a rainy day

The Drakensberg is a phenomenal destination for outdoor activities. It has great hiking trails, zip lining, swimming and waterfalls. But what happens when it’s rainy, misty or cloudy? Which was the case for two of days we were on holiday. You can’t stay inside all day because that would be a real waste. You could snuggle up by the fire with a good book but let’s be honest, you could have done that at home. Thankfully, although its chilly, there are loads of activities to keep you entertained while waiting for the sun to make an appearance.


We came all this way, so come rain or shine, the adventures continue!

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Soweto Storytelling Night

Soweto Storytelling

Lebo’s backpackers

Stories hold within them the ability to transform situations, recall lessons and share knowledge. It is through the power of storytelling that we are able to find light in life’s experiences.

The last Thursday of the month is storytelling night at Lebo’s backpackers in Soweto. The entertainment area opens up for an evening of storytelling around the fire and elders and ordinary community members share their insights and experiences, past and present, of life in South Africa. Continue reading

My First Big Five Safari

I love nature trips. Even the city slicker that I am won’t miss the opportunity to head out. I’ve been on many trips but never quite make it on an organised Safari trip. So this time around, we booked two trips one at night and another in the morning. The weather was chilly on both but the action was hot enough. I was very happy that we managed to spot the big five on this trip but I’ve been told to lower my expectations on my next Safari trip.

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Mountain biking for Newbies

When I think of bicycles, I think of neat paths and sun flowers or small towns, rolling hills and a packed picnic in the basket on the front. So, when my boyfriend took up mountain biking, I just watched and listened mostly in confusion. Not long after that, one of my besties decided to take it up as a hobby. Luckily for her, I’m able to impart some of my acquired knowledge, experience and tips on her.

(What? Watching in confusion is an experience).

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The little joys of travelling in your own country

The perfect ending to a perfect day.

The perfect ending to a perfect day.

I love travelling to different places, experiencing cultures different from my own and introducing my palate to intriguing flavours (some to be repeated and others forgotten). It’s easy to take for granted that you actually live in a beautiful, diverse country with incredible scenery, tasty food and good people. All the ingredients for a fabulous holiday. Travelling in your own country is fun and relaxing. Here’s why:

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Birthday Celebrations: Always Upstairs Day Spa

Always Upstairs

Birthdays are my favourite time of the year. Good food, good parties and great company. Instead of the usual cake and dinner, this year we opted for a day filled with pampering, drinks, laughter and friends.

The spa treatments where rejuvenating and the view along the Vaal river… incredible.

Happy Birthday to me!

Always Upstairs Day Spa
41 Driefontein