Rocking the Road Trip

Cederberg (2)

One of my favorite parts of hiking or driving in the countryside is are rock formations. I find them strangely fascinating. It reminds me of lying on the playground grass in primary school and making finding shapes or objects in the clouds. So, when I tell people I like looking at rocks and finding what they are shaped like, they look at me rather oddly. I’ve been told by many a travel companion that this is weird and boring. Continue reading

Hiking in the Wilderness

Go hiking in the wilderness…
Drink fresh water straight out the mountain streams…
Take own nature photographs for future computer screensaver use…


Swim in large rock pool…


Keep your cool as unidentified smooth thing brushes against your leg while swimming in said rock pool…

I don’t usually start off the year with a three day hike in the wilderness. In fact, I don’t usually go on three day hikes. Nevertheless, 2012 started off rather unusually and there I was… on a hike.
Our goal: “Die Hel”, one of the largest rock pools in the Western Cape. Unfortunately it is only accessible by natural modes of transport. That’s right, legs and feet. So, armed with a backpack, more tuna than the tuna run and a plethora of positive affirmations. Two noobs and I joined 3 serious amigos and set off on a wilderness trail.
Die Hel in Groot Winterhoek Wilderness Area, Western Cape, South Africa
There are many things you need when you go on a hike. A whistle, to call for help when you are hundreds of kilometres away from civilisation, is not one of them. A large walking stick is useful as a third-leg or bashing the reeds or just cos it looks like something out of the Lion King…hey what can I say?
I’m a city slicker…
Die Hel in Groot Winterhoek Wilderness Area, Western Cape, South Africa
Being a noob means one generally defers to those who know more than you. You manage to curb your desire to make pertinent statements that you would ordinarily make such as: “Wow, this rock looks awfully familiar”, “Are you sure you know where we are going?” and “Did anyone else hear that?”, “No, seriously. What was that sound?”
Unfortunately, it also leaves you open to abuses such as “the hut is right around the corner”, “it’s just over the hill”, “these are edible” and “there is only one steep”.
*raised eyebrow*
Dusk in The Wilderness; Cape Town, romantic, South Africa, sunset, Travel
Since it’s a protected area, there are no fires allowed. So, braaiing over that large camp fire singing songs, telling freaky stories and eating roasted marshmallows is out. However, sitting in the quite wilderness and enjoying the stillness or listening to the sound of the river and waterfall is in. That is, until someone starts screaming about phantom flying spiders. For future references “the creepies are more afraid of you than you are of them”. Keep telling yourself this until you believe it. Repetition, a good learning habit.
Rock formation in Groot Winterhoek Wilderness Area,  South Africa


This area is known for its remarkable rock formations and the breathtaking rock pool.  I won’t lie; the walk to the actual rock pool is challenging but well worth the effort…
one step at a time.